Do you Travel outside of DFW?
Our company is local to the DFW and due to these cars being Vintage and older cars, we typically only book events with venues within the DFW area.  Rates are slightly higher the further away from Downtown Dallas because of the traveling distance.

When do you arrive?
We arrive 1 Hour before your grand exit so that you have time to take photos outside by the car!

What happens if we have bad weather?
In the event of severe weather, we will have to unfortunately cancel as we do not want to put our vintage vehicle, nor the client at risk.  You will receive a full refund if this is the case.  If you have booked one of our newer luxury cars, then we will still be able to honor your event.

Where do you drop us off? 
We bring you to your destination that is within 3-5 miles of the venue.  Typically this is a Hotel or a location that you are staying near the venue.  For venues further out from your destination, we could pick you up for pictures and make a block.  We will return you to the venue and from there you will make arrangements to go where you are needing.  If booking one of our newer vehicles, airport transport is available from the venue.

What is the deposit?
50% to reserve date.  50% due 15 days before event.

What happens if the car breaks down before picking us up?
We have a fleet of different vehicles and a network of cars as well.  We do reserve the right to make needed changes to ensure that you have a vehicle for your event.

Can we drink or eat in the car?
Unfortunately we do not allow any drinking or eating of any kind.  To go meals from your event may be packed, but can not be opened until arriving to your destination.

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