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I am Chris!

Welcome to The Great Escape Vintage Cars!  Yes, it is true!  I am actually a wedding videographer, and if you have made it this far, you may know that I have a really big impact in the Wedding Industry with my company Harmland Weddings!  Here at The Great Escape Vintage Cars, it is a completely different vibe and style!  I have always had a passion for different cars and always wished to get rich and famous so that I could have a huge garage with tons of cars, but that hasn’t happen just yet!  In 2021, I found a new hobby of taking older cars and restoring them as a project to do on my slow time!  I figured since I have so many awesome wedding industry friends, why not allow their amazing clients to use our cars for their Grand Exits!

Our entertainment company, Harmland Weddings, is doing a small crossover by offering special effects for Grand Exits such as Cold Sparks, Snow Machines and Cryo Exits to guide you to your dream car Get Away!  Our mission is to provide a nice luxury experience for your event as you are sent off into your new life!  We also offer rentals for photo shoots, date nights, anniversaries, and other special events!  We are looking forward to serving you in style!

Chris H


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